Our Current Kings


Meet our boy, Finn. We often joke that we should have named him Casper, because he is a beautiful light pink that can look white in certain light. With his piercing gold eyes he makes quite the impression. Even though he looks regal and statuesque, at the end of the day he is a Momma's boy for sure! Cuddling in his blankies is one of his favorite pastimes. Finn is very social. He loves playing and being mischievous with his Sphynx friends. His personality is the very evidence that Sphynx cats are such an amazing breed to incorporate in to a family with children and other pets. Finn helps us keep the good times rolling here at Beautiful Bennett Sphynx Cattery! :)


We would like to introduce you to our other King, Grimm! He is a chocolate seal point Sphynx with ice blue eyes. Often times our visitors find him intimidating because his eyes pierce right through to the soul! However, they quickly find that the truth is that he is such a lover and a cuddle bug. Grimm loves his human Momma, and especially likes to be held like a baby and covered in kisses. Each morning we can find him catching rays of sunshine at the kitchen sink. Besides giving and receiving lots of love his real passion is eating! This boy can put away some food! Here at Beautiful Bennett Sphynx we all agree that the most hilarious thing that Grimm does, is his potty dance. Once his business is complete he takes off running around the house like his tail is on fire! There is a deep bond between him and his fellow Sphynx friends. Grimm definitely brings another layer of excitement and affection to our Sphynx breeding cattery. :)