Our Current Queens


We are proud to introduce you to our smallest most petite Queen, Monkey. Our girl is a beautiful blue with striking green eyes. Monkey has a shy sweet spirit and often times has to warm up to strangers, but when it comes to her people....she has and gives endless love and loyalty. Our most favorite things about Monkey are; she is a true cuddle bug and is a great mom to her babies. Like with the majority of the Sphynx breed she gets along splendidly with all her Sphynx friends. You can bet when she hears Mom shake the treat can, she comes running! Monkey has blessed our cattery with top quality kittens that have brought so much joy to families around the US.


Beautiful Bennett Sphynx Queen

Meet Foxy! She is a calico with big beautiful eyes. With her spunky and friendly personality, she definitely lives up to her name. Foxy loves everyone she meets. Here at Beautiful Bennett Sphynx Cattery, she is our little instigator! If there is fun and mischievousness going on, you can be sure that Foxy is at the center of it. :) We couldn't be more proud of the mommy she is to all of her babies. This Queen makes life at our cattery so much fun.


We would now like to introduce you to Bijou. She likes to think she is the leader of the pack. :) With her striking green eyes and her blue coloring she is absolutely beautiful. Our sweet girl had a hematoma at one point on her ear, and it no longer stands. We all agree here at Beautiful Bennett Sphynx Cattery, that it just gives her more character :) What we love most about our Bijou is that she loves to be held and lay on our shoulder. In fact we often wonder if our girl is part snake ;) Bijou represents why Sphynx cats are the best cats to adopt....their loyalty to their families and love of cuddling bring so much meaning to the lives of their human companions.